Turkish Antep Pistachio Production Company

Our company manufactures, wholesale and exports roasted Turkish Antep pistachios. In addition, it exports Authentic Turkish delight pistachio, Turkish Antep baklava, roasted sunflower seeds, roasted pumpkin seeds, roasted peanuts, dragees and spices. Our products are first quality. We serve our customers with our years of experience.

roasted turkish  antep pistachio
roasted turkish antep pistachio

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What is Turkish Pistachios Antep?

Turkish Pistachio Kernel Mawardi

Foods are divided into different categories and subtitles. There are also many products in the dried fruits category. One of them is a type of Turkish pistachio very well known and preferred in our country, called Turkish Antep Pistachio. For those who do not know, what Pistachio is can be expressed as follows: Its scientific name is Pistacia vera. Its upper class is Pistacii. It belongs to the gum tree family. It is in the fruit category. It has a shell. Another name is Damascus pistachio. Damascus pistachio is older name of Turkish Antep pistachio.

Turkish Antep pistachio components include vitamins A, C, B6, and D. It also contains iron, calcium, magnesium, cobalamin. It does not contain cholesterol. Sodium, potassium and protein are also among its components. As the raw form of turkish pistachio is on sale in the market, there are also types that are roasted as double roasted Turkish Antep pistachios. The only difference is the flavor difference.

Benefits of Turkish Pistachios Antep

Turkish Pistachio Kernel Perfect Green

Whether it’s roasted pistachios or a raw one, its main benefits are as follows:

  1. Pistachio, which is consumed 10 pieces a day, meets the fat needs of people.
  2. It is good against diabetes.
  3. It is a nutrient that must be consumed by those who suffer from anemia.
  4. When boiled pistachios and drunk water, it ensures healthy growth of nails.
  5. Protects those at risk of cancer against cancer.
  6. Thanks to the vitamin E it contains, it is good for the skin. It fights the aging signs of the skin.
  7. Good for skin problems such as fungus and eczema.
  8. Protects heart health.
  9. Strengthens the immune system.
  10. Regenerates cells in the nervous system.
  11. Protects brain health, strengthens memory.
  12. Fixes indigestion problem.
  13. Protects the stomach.
  14. It allows the sands in the kidney to be poured. A similar situation is valid for the sand in the bladder.
  15. Pistachio juice is good for coughing.
  16. Protects eye health

Where Can We Use Turkish Antep Pistachio

Turkish Pistachio Kernel Red Yollowish

When it comes to the usage area of turkish pistachio, the first thing that comes to mind is all kinds of baklava. In addition, they are also used in various types of cookies. Of course, it can be consumed only as a nut. It is a dried nut used in all kinds of chocolate. It is used in halva. It is used in ice cream. It is also used in other types of desserts other than baklava, depending on the request and the type of dessert. It is a nutrient also used in salami. In recent years, it has also been used in kebabs.

It is also an extremely important product in the pharmaceutical industry.

Allergenic Effect of Turkish Pistachio

roasted turkish antep pistachio
roasted turkish antep pistachio

Pistachio is a nutrient that does not cause allergies under normal conditions. However, if people have a special peanut allergy, they should not be consumed in any way.

How Is Turkish Antep Pistachio Prices

Turkish Pistachio Kernel Mawardi

Turkish Pistachio is an expensive product wherever it is in the world. There are certain factors that determine the prices here. Roasted Turkish Antep Pistachio Inshell price is different from normal pistachio price. It is a situation whose price differs according to the price policy of the manufacturer and the point of sale. The price of pistachios is automatically reduced in large quantities. Since it is a local product, there may sometimes be regional price differences.

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