salted roasted turkish sunflower seeds

How Can We Obtain Edible Turkish Sunflower Seeds

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turkish sunflower seeds
Turkish Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower is a plant that can be grown all over the world. Its yellow flowers follow the sun, moving from east to west. For this reason, it is also called the flower that faces the sun in our country, which means following the sun. Sunflower seeds are the seeds of the sunflower plant.

Sunflower is a plant belonging to the daisy family. Turkish sunflower seeds are consumed both as oil and as a snack. Sunflower oil is produced by going through a certain process of oil sunflower seeds.

Sunflower is an important oil plant both in our country and all over the world. It is produced in the Marmara region of our country and generally in the Thrace region. The soil and climate structure of the Marmara region and Thrace are suitable for growing sunflower seeds. There are many different varieties in the world. Especially as a result of researches made in recent years, they have succeeded in producing larger and more efficient seeds. And every day, different quality seeds are introduced to the market.

salted roasted turkish sunflower seeds
Salted Roasted Turkish Sunflower Seeds

Some sunflower seeds have white stripes on a black background. Some sunflower seeds are completely black. Among the varieties grown in our country, there are completely white sunflower seeds, striped sunflower seeds and black sunflower seeds. Sunflower oil is the most preferred vegetable oil after olive oil. Since the price of olive oil is high, sunflower oil is among the most consumed oils.

The outer surface of the sunflower seed is hard shelled. The inner part of the sunflower seed is eaten. It contains a lot of vegetable oil in its content. Therefore, it is frequently used in the production of edible vegetable oil.

Roasted Turkish Sunflower Seeds

Turkish sunflower seeds are also consumed as nuts. Turkish sunflower seeds consumed as nuts are roasted at medium heat. Salted roasted sunflower seeds are the most preferred form. In addition, sunflower seeds that are roasted without salt also find buyers. In addition, it is roasted with very different sauces in accordance with the tastes of the countries and their own cultures. Thus, it can appeal to consumers with very different tastes. Another consumption type of sunflower seeds is seen in bakery products. Sunflower seeds, which are placed in breads and cakes, add a very different flavor to the product. Such products are sold more expensive than other famous products. Thus, it increases the commercial value of the products.

Turkish sunflower seeds, which are consumed as nuts, are generally grown in regions with cooler or colder climates. Sunflower seeds for snacking are grown in provinces such as Kayseri, Erzurum, Sivas, Kırıkkale and Yozgat. Sunflower seeds, one of the most consumed cookies in our country, are also exported to other countries. Sunflower seeds are called with different names according to the regions. As an example, we can show the names sunflower, crocus, sunflower, solstice, fun.

Nutritional values of roasted sunflower seeds (per 100 gr):

  1. Protein 28 g
  2. Saturated fat 2.8 g
  3. Dietary fiber 12.7 g
  4. Fat 31.4 g
  5. Carbs 24.1 g
  6. Energy value 523 kcal

Types of Sunflower Seeds

Roasted Sunflower Seed Varieties:

  1. white striped sunflower seeds
  2. Dakota type Sunflower Seeds
  3. Black type Sunflower Seed

What Are The Benefits Of Roasted Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds have high nutritional values. Therefore, it has positive effects on human health. One of the issues to be considered when consuming sunflower seeds is the preference of quality sunflower seeds. Another factor is the way it is roasted. Beans that have been roasted too much and are about to burn should not be consumed. The beneficial oils, antioxidants and minerals in the sunflower seeds have been scientifically proven. Sunflower seeds contain a high amount of vitamin E. A handful of sunflower seeds that we will consume every day will meet our daily vitamin E needs. As with anything, consuming too much can have side effects.

Research on nutrition has shown that sunflower seeds are very beneficial, as are foods such as onions, garlic and broccoli. Such beneficial foods increase the immunity level of our body and make us more resistant to diseases. It develops positive resistance against dangerous diseases such as cancer and heart attack and can reduce the risk. Sunflower seeds naturally contain B vitamins. This vitamin can help our body form new cells.

It can help raise the good kind of cholesterol. In addition, it can help lower bad cholesterol. In addition, thanks to the proteins it contains, it can help muscle and tissue development. Consumption of a handful of sunflower seeds daily can meet some of our daily protein needs.

Sunflower seeds also contain high amounts of copper, zinc, iron and fiber. Thanks to these minerals:

  1. It helps in transporting oxygen to our body.
  2. It produces energy.
  3. It helps in the development of the immune system.
  4. It can keep blood sugar and cholesterol in balance.
  5. It helps in the work of the intestines.
  6. It is effective in healing wounds.
  7. It helps in increasing sperm movements.

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