Traditional Amazing Turkish Delight With Pistachio

Traditional Turkish delight is an indispensable element of Ottoman cuisine and Turkish palate.
Authentic Turkish delight pistachio is consumed both as a dessert and as a treat with traditional Turkish coffee. There are many varieties of traditional Turkish delight. When eaten, it releases serotonin, which is the happiness hormone.

authentic turkish delight pistachio
authentic turkish delight pistachio

Authentic Turkish delight pistachio is a soft candy that was introduced in the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century and started to spread in the 17th century. It was invented during a competition that Abdulhamid presented to the public at his request to eat soft candy.

traditional turkish delight pistachio
traditional turkish delight pistachio

Traditional Turkish delight, one of the indispensable elements of Ottoman cuisine, was used as a “relaxed ul hulküm” (throat reliever) in the Ottoman Empire. In the 18th century, a British traveler introduced it to Europe as Luxury Turkish Delight. It is a traditional Turkish dessert made with water, sugar, citric acid and starch, and added dried fruits.

What are the Types of Luxury Turkish Delight

turkish delight dessert
turkish delight dessert
  • Double Roasted Turkish Delight
  • Turkish delight with walnut
  • Turkish Delight with Hazelnut
  • Turkish Delight with Pistachio
  • Turkish delight with rose
  • Mint Turkish Delight
  • Turkish Delight with Pomegranate
  • Turkish Delight with Coconut
  • Lemon Turkish Delight
  • Chocolate Delight
  • Turkish delight with cream
  • Fruity mini Turkish delight

What are the benefits of Authentic Turkish Delight

rose turkish delight pistachio
rose turkish delight pistachio
  1. Prevents tonsillitis,
  2. • Helps to heal skin problems such as wounds,
  3. • It protects the teeth, is good for tooth enamel and helps strengthen the teeth.
  4. • The carbohydrate contained in it has a very effective benefit for those with kidney disease.

Where is Traditional Turkish Delight sold?

pomegrenatel turkish delight
pomegrenatel turkish delight

Turkey has also made a number of points of sale of authentic Turkish delight. In addition to well-known brands and big companies, there are also small companies whose brands are unheard. But their quality is laso good have high quality products. Since Turkish delight has been a product that has been produced for many years, quality and taste have become the standard throughout the country. Here are the materials used to be considered. Firms that use natural materials in the production of Turkish delight should be preferred.

Can Traditional Turkish delight be made at home?

chocolate turkish delight
turkish sweets online

Yes, it can be done. Very practical Turkish delight will not leave a different taste than the shops you buy.


• 40 gr gelatin

50 ml water

650 gr granulated sugar (robotized)

450 ml water

100 g cornstarch

2 tablespoons of glucose

half a tablespoon of pomegranate juice

red food coloring

110 g of sifted powdered sugar

The Recipe of Traditional Turkish Delight

lokum turkish delight
lokum turkish delight

Take a deep bowl and grease it first. Take 40 grams of gelatin and 50 ml of water and let it melt over low heat. Start boiling 650 grams of sugar and 450 ml of water on low heat on the stove at the same time. When the syrup is formed, remove it from the heat and let it cool. Put the starch in a separate bowl, mix it with water and cook it until it thickens.

loqum turkish delight
loqum turkish delight

Let’s add gelatin and glucose to the syrup and boil for 10 minutes. Then take it from the stove and put the pomegranate juice and food coloring in a bowl and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then, let’s spread something on it and wait for 1 more night. The next day, let’s open our container, turn it upside down, sprinkle powdered sugar or a candy we want, cut it and serve.

Here are the nutritional values ​​of Turkish delight for a 125 gram Turkish delight;

99.82 carbohydrates, 0.21 protein, 0.26 fat, 0 gram fiber, 0 mg cholesterol, 26 mg potassium, 8 mg calcium, 0.5 mg iron

turkish delight flavors
turkish delight flavors

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